Using FetchFusion (neofetch) with the Parch Logo 💧

What’s the point of using an Arch family distro if you can’t use Neofetch to show off? :joy:

As you all might know, the “dylanaraps/neofetch” repository got archived by the creator, so you can’t add pull requests to include the Parch logo. I decided to clone the main repository and add support for Parch Linux.

Now, you can still share your screen with Neofetch and a nice Parch logo and proudly say, “I’m using Arch BTW :)”


  1. Clone the following repository and navigate to the directory:

git clone && cd fetchfusion

  1. Use the following command to install it on your machine:

sudo make install

  1. Open your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc with your favorite editor e.g.:

sudo vim ~/.zshrc

  1. Add the fetchfusion to the end of the file and save it.

  2. Finally, you can restart your Terminal and have fun with it! :rocket::droplet:


so it’s good
@sbehdani it’s good or bad?
add it to parch iso as a package

there is no need to mention me in every conversation, i would receive emails and when you mention me i get two emails.


thanks for this fork, i would take a look at this and maybe i included it in Parch.

But it is better to change the name because neofetch already has a lot of forks outside.

also we have a fork ourselves from neofetch,

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Do you have any suggestion for the name? Or should I simply PR to your fork?

i can’t think of a good name for now, and the neofetch in parch repositories is for historic purposes .

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I just change the whole branding to “fetchfusion”
even the command to run it

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hmmmmm parch linux already have GitHub - parchlinux/neofetch: 🖼️ A command-line system information tool written in bash 3.2+

Didn’t know! And according to the @sbehdani 's reply I thought it’s just for historic purposes. Then you can just delete or edit my post

i don’t have admin premissions

as i said, i would add this. just there is no need to send a PR to our neofetch fork.

and in my point of view, artin doesn’t read my answers.