Release 2024-04-15

ParchLinux Release 2024-04-15


Plasma version:

  1. Added Marknote program
  2. Added Tokodon (Fediverse client)
  3. Added neochat (Matrix client)
  4. Added merkuro (calendar) and kalk (calculator)
  5. Added Dolphin plugins
  6. AddedPlasma Tube to play YouTube and Pyrotube videos
  7. Added kweather and kde partition manager
  8. Added kamoso (webcam app)

GNOME version:

  1. Added Papyrus icon
  2. Added gnome disks
  3. Added loupe instead of eog
  4. Added fractal (matrix client) and tuba (Fediverse client)
  5. Added a pipeline for playing YouTube and Pirtoub videos
  6. Added g4music to play music
  7. Added snapshot (webcam program)
  8. Added a folio (note taking)
  9. Removed Blackbox and replace it with GNOME Terminal

Download from GitHub:

GNOME | Plasma

Already a Parch user?

Apply New changes to GNOME:

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -S tuba fractal folio gnome-terminal loupe pipeline-gtk celluloid g4music snapshot gnome-usage gnome-music papyrus-icon-theme
sudo pacman -Rdd blackbox-terminal eog gnome-system-monitor

Applying new changes to plasma:

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -S neochat marknote tokodon merkuro dolphin-plugins plasmatube kweather partitionmanager kamoso
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