Installation language issue

I was installing Parch and during the installation process, I set the language to German. After the installation was complete, I tried to set my passwords but encountered an issue: only the German keyboard was available throughout the process. I had a similar problem with the Persian language. I chose Persian in the first step of the installation, and although the installation was successful after setting my username and password, but I couldn’t log in to the session because only the Persian keyboard was available on the login screen, and my password was in English. Is there any fix/tricks for this issue?

This issue is not actually parch related.

this is a issue from calamares installer which is present in all distributions which using it.

we send PR for persian which was merged and it would be released in 3.3.7 version of the installer.

for fixing the issue, just switch to tty and run this command:

sudo localectl set-x11-keymap us

What does it change? keyboard in current session or default system keyboard? Does it also change the default keyboard in the console?

I tried and it actually worked. I previously tried it in a console and worked in current session but reverted to previous keyboard as soon as I restarted my PC. Thanks

hi, it changes the login session keyboard layout.